Heritage Building Maintenance

About Our Heritage Building Maintenance:

The workers are the main asset to manage and carry out the maintenance work and also being a third factors need to consider. For the maintenance on the administration heritage building, skilled and unskilled workers are highly needed because of the need to maintain the heritage value on historical building.

The overall practice of current maintenance of heritage buildings is not at a high level and much needs to be done towards best practice. The current situation has put many of the heritage buildings at risk. The gap between current practice and best practice has been identified as a key for a successful maintenance management. In order to improve the practice in future, what should be done is to make sure enough funds are put aside for maintenance expenditure. This will ensure that the maintenance jobs can run smoothly without any delays or deferment. Then, it is important for the management to be set up effectively and always be aware of every problem which can hinder the maintenance work from being done.

  • Expert crew members, we have assortment of trained crew members that includes Architect, Civil & Environmental Engineer, Historic expert, Doctors and skilled staff from various fields with common interest. Our team works with common goal of interest and understanding so as to achieve the desired goal.
  • Excavation work means work involving the removal of soil or rock from a site to form an open face, hole or cavity using tools, machinery or explosives. We understand and manage risks associated with all kinds of excavations (no matter how deep) at the workplace. We assist the administration with complete data findings in real and excavated condition because we value the findings. Maintenance work would mean all the work involving removal of undesired particles from the surface of the subject (Structure) without distorting the other parts. We undertake the patch up job of any building to reinstate to original form to its maximum.
  • Use of Tools Technology and Gadgets mean we use all the gadgets required to access any critical area without disturbing the other parts. We are a manufacturer and installer of such devices and can execute work proceeding using them. We dare working at any heights with safety. The systems that we use are Areal scissor lift, Loops and fasteners, cradle etc.

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